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The truth, the whole truth and nothing but....


Nick Adams was one of his secret, closeted, lovers.

During the mid to late fifties his lover was Nicholas Adamshock, better known as Nick Adams, who started a movie career as a youngman and later peaked with his television series "THE REBEL." Nick had been a friend, companion and roommate of James Dean, who also has been mentioned as having been more homosexual than heterosexual. In truth, Dean too was bisexual. Many men claim they had sex with Dean and only one woman has admitted she had sex with Jimmy when they lived together in New York. Liz Sheridan, also known as "Dizzy" Sheridan, (Seinfield's mother on TV), wrote a book titled, "Dizzy and Jimmy."

After the untimely death of Dean, Elvis suddenly appeared on the scene. Teens, looking for someone to replace their Dean idol, picked up on Elvis. Elvis was different, for that era, in which he projected a sexual image and seemingly overnight, he was the first and foremost person on everybody's mind. Through TV appearances, he rose to the top. His publicity brought him to Hollywood where he started in his first film, "Love Me Tender." It was a low budget, black and white film and it co-starred Debra Paget and Richard Egan and was an instant box-office hit. (In real life Elvis fell in love with Debra, but she wasn't interested in him. There is a strong resemblance to her and Priscilla Presley).

When Elvis arrived in Hollywood, he looked up Nick, because Elvis was a James Dean fan (he had memorized Dean's lines in "Rebel Without A Cause," and he knew Nick had been Jimmy's closest friend). This is repeated in another chapter.

Elvis wasn't closely guarded in those days. He could drive his white Cadillac, alone, without the entourage that he would have later in his career, for protection from his fans.

The fan magazines soon picked up on the Elvis/Adams relationship and started writing stories that Nick was riding on Elvis's publicity. They said he had ran out of stories on James Dean and now latched unto another star. These stories hurt Nick as well as his career. But, the real truth, that couldn't be printed, even if it had been known about it, was the fact Nick and Elvis were closet lovers. Nick and Jimmy had been friends, so this was an excuse for them to always be together, talking about Dean. Nick would show Elvis places Jimmy frequented, like the old Villa Capri, when it was on McCadden Place and he took him to "Googie's" restaurant on Sunset.

From the beginning of his career, Colonel Tom Parker had warned Elvis about women who might claim Elvis had gotten them pregnant, if Elvis should become sexually involved with them. Since gay people can't get pregnant, this is a reason a lot of actors got involved in homosexuality, instead of running around with a lot of women. Today, with birth control pills, it has changed from the fifties era. Of course there are "brothels" such as the one Charlie Sheen frequented but they aren't "secret." Whores and prostitutes talk. At that time Errol Flynn, particularly, was having problems with a young teenaged girl, Beverly Aadland, who claimed Errol had knocked her up. Flynn was a drunk and would fuck anyone and anything. So, maybe the Colonel's warnings were justified and in the best interest of Elvis.

Both Nick and Elvis were bisexual, although both enjoyed men as companions and lovers more than women. Elvis was always with the so called Memphis Mafia, more than women. I recall many times that Elvis paid Nick's airfare to Memphis, whenever he visited Graceland. One day they had a falling out and Nick spent the day at the front gate with Elvis's uncle Vester Presley. On several occasions I would be with Nick when he picked up his airline tickets.

During the fifties, there was no gay-lib. Homosexuality was a "whispered" about subject, although still more open in Hollywood than in the rest of the country, even though it was practiced as widely then as it is now. But, it was more underground. There were a lot of gay bars but people led two lives--straight at work and gay at night. Police harassment was beyond belief. A gay couple were arrested in a bar because they were "discussing" sex.

Elvis took Nick with him on his first cross-country tour. Nick used to warm up audiences by doing impressions of actors. Natalie Wood also went along on the tour, (perhaps as a cover). She liked Elvis but was bored with his life style.

One time I walked up to Nick's apartment, (actually the downstairs of a home), in the hills above Ciro's and the Hyatt Hotel on the Sunset strip. I walked around to the side of the house, wanting to surprise and scare Nick by yelling at him. But, when I got near the garage, I heard Bob Conrad talking out loud to Nick and he was telling Nick how sore he was. Conrad was in the bathroom and the window was open with a screen in it. I assumed that they had sex, from their conversation. I waited a few minutes then starting yelling, "Nick Dennis, Nick Dennis. Are you home?" In those days people used to get Nick mixed up with Dennis Hopper. Nick said he had an appointment and that I should have phoned. Then he drove me to Laurel Canyon and I walked back to Orchid Avenue.

Nick and Jimmy were hustling money and one time was overheard arguing over who would wear the one, good pair of Levis to hustle in. Nick and Jimmy, while hustling men, became conditioned to this kind of sex and liked it. Nick's mother, Catherine, said Nick's problems began when he married Carol Nugent. She would rather have had Nick around Elvis or Dean, than a woman who was later alleged to be promiscuous. A studio grip told me that Carol had phoned Nick on the set and said, "Guess what I'm doing?" And when Nick asked her what she was doing?, she allegedly replied, "Fucking." It was rumored that her second husband committed suicide, but Nick's son, Jeb, said it wasn't true. But, of course Jeb doesn't believe his dad committed suicide either.

Elvis was a bit jealous of the attention Nick had been giving to Conrad. (So, was I). Conrad became a constant companion of Nick, riding around in Nick's '57 Thunderbird, eating in restaurants and having their picture taken together. Later, Conrad would also become a close friend to Elvis. A companion of Elvis's (when this article was first written), told me that all of those so called cousins that surrounded and traveled with him, weren't all cousins. Some were alleged to have taken turns sleeping with him. And when someone, in print, alleged that Nick slept in bed with Elvis at Graceland, it was said to the press or the writer, that Elvis had a cot brought into the bedroom and that Nick slept on that. Elvis's bed was big enough for a "dozen people."

Elvis was into oral sex and enjoyed getting a blow-job more than intercourse, said Dennis Miller, a former friend and companion. Elvis mentioned this in one of his filmed documentaries, mentioning that when the astronauts were landing on the moon, he was getting head. Not the exact words, but with this meaning, as I recall. I was told he was a habitual masturbator and had enjoyed the pornography that existed the last years of his life. (This has also been brought to light, since his death, when porn was found in boxes in the basement at Graceland). He had his own porn collection, way back in the fifties. He also made porn films, filming his companions and their girl friends, (but unknown to them at the time). This was also published in a book on his life. Dennis said he used to have jerk-off sessions with some of his companions to see who could climax first. He added, that a recent book on Elvis, stating that he hated fags, was partially true. But, that the fags he was referring to, were the real effeminate ones. The swishy type.

Elvis couldn't (obviously) afford the publicity or to be exposed as being bisexual. His career would have been over. He was afraid, that he too, could become effeminate or swishy. He used to watch his films and say, "Look at my wrists, they look like a limp wristed faggot. Do you think others will notice?" And when you watch his movies, when he sings, he often did raise his wrist in a limp wrist position. He always wanted to protect his masculinity. This is why he took up Karate, in the early sixties, then Kung-Fu. It was a macho thing. It can only be assumed that the Colonel knew of the relationship between Nick and Elvis because it had been known all around Hollywood about Nick's gay side. (And remember that this story is not a new story, It was published in the Hollywood "Confidential" Star magazine, while he and the Colonel were still alive. A copy was mailed to Graceland! This isn't written to sell a book, well maybe it is, but it was published when all of the subjects were still alive, with the exception of Nick who died in the sixties).

Although Nick had a gay side, he was often photographed with young starlets and often with Natalie Wood. He probably even had sex with a few of them. No, I wasn't under Elvis's bed when they had sex and I didn't even see them having sex, and even though Nick dabbled in homosexuality, he never made any advances toward me and he wasn't my type either. We were just good friends. He would often ask me what the gossip was on the Boulevard, and I would tell him, what he already knew, about Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson, George Nader, Rory Calhoun and a few other celebrities. I think he was curious to see if he was being talked about.

After Nick's death, Elvis trying to be inconspicuous, never even sent flowers to the funeral in Berwick, Pennsylvania. All he sent was his "business" card. And because of the relationship between Nick and Elvis, when Kurt Russell played Elvis on TV, there was an actress playing Natalie Wood but no one portraying Nick. Recent memorial programs, show many photos that had been taken of Nick, with Elvis and a group of Elvis's friends at Graceland.

There were other guys who have had homosexual relations with Elvis. One other gay guy used to hang around the Paramount studio gate, and all of a sudden he had a small part in an Elvis film. Another guy, extremely handsome, said Elvis picked him up on Hollywood Boulevard and he could tell by Elvis's reactions that he wanted to say something to him about having sex, but he felt Elvis was too shy and embarrassed to make the first move. The guy returned to Pennsylvania, disillusioned with the fact so many stars were gay. This guy was so handsome he could have had any man or woman that he wanted. He took an girl to his apartment and he said as soon as he got in the front door, she knocked him down on the floor and screwed him right there, she was so hot for him. No, I didn't get him either, but came close- smile!

Elvis Presley and Nick Adams at Graceland

Although many girls were invited to Elvis's mansion (it was printed in all the magazines), the evenings were spent watching television, drinking cokes and eating popcorn. No sex. Just television. There was an exception, I heard of. In Bel-Air one evening, Elvis is alleged to have had four girls taking turns giving him a blow-job. This was outside the mansion, at night, in the yard.

Actress, Yvonne Lime said, "For the most part, my time in Memphis was a quiet one. There were long hours of just sitting around, talking with Elvis and his parents. Or we'd watch television or gather around the piano ad sing old Southern folk songs and spirituals. On Sunday I went to church with Elvis and his parents and afterwards a group of his old friends would drop by the house where we ate hot-dogs and danced and just sat around playing records and singing for hours and hours. And that was pretty much how we spent the six days I was there in Memphis."

After I had originally written this article, prior to going to press, a book came out backing up many statements of facts here. The book was titled, "My Life With Elvis," by Becky Yancy and Cliff Linedecker.

On page 95 it states: Nick Adams, who played the lead in a television series, "The Rebel," visited Graceland. He was one of Elvis's closest celebrity friends before the young actor's death."

Page 47: "A few months after I started working at Graceland, I was riding in a tumblebug at the fair grounds with one of the guys, when Elvis summoned him and told him not to fraternize with the secretaries. None of the guys rode with me after that.

Page 38: "Elvis said he wanted the people who worked for him to be happy. In return he expected them to do their jobs well and not talk about him or his life at Graceland to outsiders. "It always gets back to me," he said, "when people talk." (Like today, whatever happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas-smile).

Anyone attacking Elvis is highly criticized by his fans. Rona Barrett did it and was swamped with hate mail. Red West's book on Elvis was equally attacked. It was printed after Elvis died, but Elvis had read parts of it while he was still alive and although he hated being exposed, he never attempted to sue anyone. He just hated anything negative being written about him. People in Memphis have always been protective of Elvis and his memory and they even covered up the cause of his death. They won't release the actual autopsy, although they did release a portion stating he had colon problems. Facts are, he died of a drug overdose and had abused drugs for years. But, he is some sort of hero and legend, I guess because of his influence on Rock and Roll.

I was an Elvis fan from the beginning, when it wasn't fashionable to be. I even missed work one night to watch the "Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Show," and later when he appeared with Steve Allen. I was criticized by fellow workers, for giving up a days pay to see Elvis on TV. But, I had goosebumps watching him and I bought every 45 rpm and Ep records he recorded on the Sun label as well as R.C.A., that were soon on the market.

As I mentioned earlier in a chapter, I had only met him once. It was in the early a.m. hours and he was still wearing the thick grease paint, make-up, that actors wore in those days, and he had a bad complexion to cover up. He had acne like pores and would later have a chemical skin peel.

The Hollywood Star was the first paper to mention Elvis's drug problems and in the music section there was also a story by one of our writers that stated, "Elvis Presley's recent concerts at the Las Vegas International Hotel has everybody talking about his weird ways and they are all wondering what he's on? Eartha Kitt was alleged to have told a friend that Elvis was on cocaine. At the International, Elvis arrived twenty-five minutes late for a performance, but he did an extra lengthy show. Attorney, Marvin Donine, who was there, said Elvis's eyes looked sunken-in and he said Elvis kept drinking from a glass, but would spit the liquid out. He couldn't keep his lips wet and this happens with many types of drugs. (We know that smoking crack, does this same thing. Crackheads have dry and cracked lips). Elvis got to the point where he couldn't remember the words to his songs and someone was behind him telling him the words so he could continue. At one point he was even handed a paper with the words written on it. The remainder of the performance found Elvis standing next to his vocal back up group, so he could hear them and the words. So, we had this story first. We didn't make up anything. We tell the truth as we hear it and research it.

Ironically, in hindsight, it may have been Nick Adams who got Elvis hooked on drugs. Nicks brother was a doctor and Nick used to take bennies all the time. That is why he was so hyper and always wired up. I'm sure he got Elvis to use them too, and then when Elvis was in Germany, he continued to drop bennies. This latter part was also mentioned in a documentary on Elvis.

Elvis's private physician, Dr. Nichopoulous, was late filing a death certificate for Elvis and his office further stated that Elvis's previous medical records wouldn't be made public either. The original estimate for the autopsy report was stated to be four to six weeks, then in press releases it stated Elvis's system had contained only prescription medications. How could statements like that be made, when the autopsy hadn't even been completed? People were too anxious to cover up all the facts and this arouses more curiosity, but at this late date, who cares?

( Man claims to have been Elvis's lover.


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Blogger Gabriel Hippieman said...

I just came back from GRACELAND last week. While the story of his life is a sanitized version of reality, his awards are nonetheless quite real. Just for clarification, on the autopsy report there is a sentence 'Ht of playing racquetball in the a.m.'. The first word is the abbreviation for history.

9:00 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Elvis in Vegas in 1970. He was great. In late 1976, a gal I had dated worked in an all nite diner in Memphis that Elvis ate at. I couldn't believe how bad he looked in a photo she took.

7:37 AM  
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now if solely we might get the politicians and feminists to put on more cowboy hats eh?

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Blogger Nancy said...

There a certainly things that cannot be denied about Elvis. Priscilla said they had virtually no sex after Lisa Marie was born. Many women have said they spent the night with Elvis and he talked most of the night, with no sex. He did surround himself with men and not women. He dressed in a manner that was indicative of Liberace. And, he wore eye makeup before it was cool for a man to do so.

He was also lost in a way that a closeted gay man might be if they could not be who they were, and were riddled with a deep shame. He came from a Pentecostal background that taught homosexuality was a dark and vile sin.

None of this makes him gay, but it does make one wonder...

Lastly, I must add that there was a goodness about Elvis that rose above his lifestyle and his bouts of anger and depression. His persona was so powerful that forty years after his death people still make the trek to Graceland to pay homage to the King. His generosity is that of a legend. Back in the day, he may have been the most physically beautiful man ever to live. And, his music, his voice is unequaled. Whoever he was, whatever he was, he had a power that was pure magic.

6:14 AM  
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